September Reading Round Up – The Must Read Senior Living Articles

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The Must Read Senior Living Articles From Around the Web

This month’s roundup is packed full of the best of the web – UC San Diego is leading the way for geriatric emergency care, an LGBT senior living is taking off in Palm Springs, Lyft is moving into the senior transportation market and the Missing Senior Network role out.  Exciting times in senior living.

UC San Diego Re-imagines Geriatric Emergency Care – Neil Versel

“We are trying to think of senior care more holistically” said Dr. Agha.  This should have happened a long time ago.  There should be no more “just treating the symptoms”, look at the whole picture.

Niche in elder care: assisted living for LGBT seniors – Lisa Napoli

“We’re all gay and that actually makes a big difference. Almost every gay person has a secret part of their life that they don’t share. So, you always had to be careful who you’re talking to. And so here, that’s very free” says Jim Crowley.

We need more assisted livings like this and we need more education for our caregivers.  Ed-U-Care Dallas is doing a phenomenal job spreading the word.

Lyft Q&A: The Plan to Reinvent Senior Living Transportation – Alana Stamwoski

“At Lyft we are trying to revolutionize how the senior care industry thinks about transportation and using technology to change these outdated processes.”

I can’t wait to see how this pans out. It’ll be interesting to see our residents have a ride within 2 – 4 minutes instead of waiting for the day the bus goes to Wal-Mart or does doctors office runs.  This could be very empowering for our seniors.

 New online platform to aid families of people with Alzheimer’s – Clayton Over

It works like a phone chain except you don’t even need to make the call. Just activate the missing person feature and it will send a text or email to everyone on your list should your loved one go missing.

 Did you find anything in September that is a must read?  Please let us know in the comments below!