How to Find Medicaid Pending Facilities

Step 1: Go to, click on Find Nursing homes

 Step 2: Enter the city or area that you would like the facility to be in

 Step 3: Review the list of nursing homes and their ratings

 Step 4: Start calling each one.

Ask to speak with Admissions.  Ask Admissions if they have any Medicaid Pending beds available for the gender of your loved one.  If the answer is yes or we do on a case by case basis then tell them your situation and why you need to find a Medicaid Pending facility.

Please note – this is not a quick process.  Be prepared to be placed on hold and to find that a lot of places either don’t take Medicaid Pending or don’t have availability.  Also be aware that it will be a shared room, it is very unusual to find a private room that is paid for by Medicaid.