Resources and Information to help with Senior Care

Building a Network to Look Out for Your Parents

From neighbors to relatives to the pizza delivery woman, it’s critical to have people looking out for a parent who’s aging in place If you’re looking out for a parent in declining health who continues to live alone, and who resides more than an hour’s drive away, consider yourself a...

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Quiz: Are You Heading for Caregiver Burnout?

Caregiving can bring many positives into your life — but it’s also hard work, physically and emotionally. If you don’t take enough self-care to replenish yourself, then caregiver stress, anxiety, and depression can build. And that puts you on the path for caregiver burnout, a syndrome of mental, emotional, and...

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Retirement and Second Chances

I’m officially retired — a fact confirmed by Social Security and AARP newsletters. I have been added to the demographic category of “seniors” and I qualify for discounts I never knew about. There are people in my life who call me “Nana” and “Grandma,” and I am indeed a proud...

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5 Foods That Can Trigger a Stroke

Few things feel more terrifying and random than a stroke, which can strike without warning. And fear of stroke — when a blood vessel in or leading to the brain bursts or is blocked by a blood clot, starving brain cells of oxygen and nutrients — is well founded. After...

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7 Surprising Signs of an Unhealthy Heart

We’ve all read the signs of a heart attack listed on posters in the hospital waiting room. But what if there were other, earlier signs that could alert you ahead of time that your heart was in trouble? It turns out there are. Researchers have done a lot of work...

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7 Secrets to Getting a Job After 50

In what’s already a notoriously difficult job market — in a country weathering a major financial crisis — 50-plus job seekers can be forgiven for approaching an employment search with a bit of anxiety. But it’s not all bad news. “There are great jobs out there,” says Robin Ryan, a...

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