Resources and Information to help with Senior Care

Increase Your Chances of Avoiding a Heart Attack

Last month, a report by the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology recommended extending statin drugs to a wider pool of people to prevent heart attacks as well as strokes. Previously, a high cholesterol level was the main criterion, but the new guidelines encourage people with normal cholesterol...

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Alzheimer’s Smell Test Uses Peanut Butter To Sniff Out The Disease

Detecting Alzheimer’s disease may soon be as easy as testing a patient’s sense of smell. As part of research into methods for early diagnosis of the degenerative brain disease, researchers in Florida devised an Alzheimer’s smell test capable of confirming an AD diagnosis. The key ingredient? Peanut butter. Led by...

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Brain Training Exercises Won’t Boost Intelligence, But Could Improve Memory

Brain training exercises can boost your memory, but don’t expect them to make you any smarter, a small new study says. Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Arizona State University, Michigan State University and Purdue University found that brain training seems to improve working memory capacity (the ability to...

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6 Things Boomers Need to Know About Obamacare

Open enrollment has begun for the health-insurance exchanges established under the Affordable Care Act. But whether Oct. 1 has been circled on your calendar for months, or whether you’re just starting to pay attention, there are certain things about the law that everybody over 50 could benefit from understanding better....

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Making the Difficult Conversation Easier

Martin’s driving was getting more erratic and dangerous. His wife, Gwen, 81, was in the car when Martin, 83, failed to see pedestrians crossing the street until she yelled at the last minute. It was clearly time to take his car keys away, but Gwen wasn’t sure how to do...

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Telemarketing Scams Target Seniors

It started innocently enough. A 79-year-old woman in La Mesa, Calif. first answered an ad in a catalog, which invited readers to call a number for a chance at a $100 prize. Next, she started receiving several magazine subscriptions. By that time, the crooks had her name, her phone number...

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