Resources and Information to help with Senior Care

How do I know when it’s time to move my parent to assisted living?

A comprehensive list of questions to help you decide when it's time for your parent to move to assisted living.

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3 Tips for Finding a Great Assisted Living

One of the top questions I get asked all of the time is… “How do I know if this is the right place for my loved one?” There are a bunch of little things that people can get caught up on when they are looking to find the right place...

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Cohousing Provides Community and Independence

Older adults looking for alternatives to traditional senior housing options, such as retirement homes, can enjoy both the independence and involvement that cohousing offers. Cohousing consists of a community of people who want to live adjacent to each other and participate in activities together while also having their own place...

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New World of Health Care

Although the good old days of seeing a family doctor are disappearing, health care is evolving so quickly that it could cause vertigo. Health clinics in local retail malls are increasing, and emergency centers are moving in next to grocery stores and hair salons. Meanwhile, hospitals are creating emergency rooms...

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10 Ways You May Be Cutting Your Life Short Without Knowing It

While we fully ascribe to the idea that you are only as old as you feel, some of us still engage in behaviors that hurt our chances of feeling good as we age. Topping out the calendar at 100 may not be a personal goal, but how about staying healthy...

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The New Dementia Story: Momentia

  Dementia. Latin for “without mind.” In a world defined by the phrase, “I think, therefore I am,” there is nothing more terrifying. And dementia is on the rise. But in the midst of the fear, in the midst of the anxiety, in the midst of the despair, something else...

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