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September Reading Round Up – The Must Read Senior Living Articles

                    The Must Read Senior Living Articles From Around the Web This month’s roundup is packed full of the best of the web – UC San Diego is leading the way for geriatric emergency care, an LGBT senior living is taking...

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August Reading Round Up – The Must Read Senior Living Articles

Senior Living - Ohio and England are both progressive in the way they think about the aging population, doctors and facilities are finally catching on to something that caregivers have know for a long time, Pokémon GO for rehab, what the future holds for our aging population and if we keep dignity and respect at the forefront of everything...

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How one daughter found peace with moving her mom.

How one daughter found peace with moving her mom into assisted living. Since starting Elite Senior Solutions in 2012, I’ve helped so many families that have touched my heart. It’s always a difficult decision to move a loved one into assisted living and it can sometimes be accompanied by guilt,...

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How to Pay for Assisted Living – Crowdfunding

                    The #1 question that I get asked about assisted living is… “How do we pay for assisted living?” Assisted living is expensive. Most people are shocked by how much it actually costs.  We want to help you come up with...

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Top 4 Ways to Avoid Assisted Living You Probably Didn’t Know About

I think it’s safe to say that most people want to stay in their own home as long as possible. Top 4 Ways to Avoid Assisted Living. Utilizing these 4 tips can help prevent some of the main reasons for moving to assisted living. If your goal is to stay at home as long as possible then...

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Assisted Living Dallas – How to Tour & What to Ask

It's my experience that many people get overwhelmed by this stage and don’t know what to ask or how to judge each assisted living. They all promise different but similar services with each one touting to be the best and top of the line. It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s just marketing. I spent many...

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