Top 4 Ways to Avoid Assisted Living You Probably Didn’t Know About

Top 4 ways to avoid Assisted Living

Top 4 Ways to Avoid Assisted Living

I think it’s safe to say that most people want to stay in their own home as long as possible.  I get this call a lot either from an adult child that is concerned about their parent(s) or from the senior trying to plan ahead.

So here they are…the Top 4 Ways to Avoid Assisted Living.


Stop trying to do everything on your own.  Have someone clean your home, deliver your meals, take care of the lawn, find a good handyman and even a transportation service if necessary. It may seem like a lot of money to pay someone to take care of these things but it is a drop in the bucket compared to paying for assisted living.

Also, if there happens to be an injury or illness that requires care.  First, think of hiring a private caregiver instead of moving to assisted living.  Especially, if it is a short recovery.  No need to pack up and move to an assisted living for a 2 month recovery period.  They also provide companions that can take you shopping, to the theater, or do whatever suits you (within reason of course).

Use Technology

Technology is amazing these days and I recommend that you take full advantage of the benefits.  There are devices that talk to you and dispense your medication. They operate on a timer with a lock, so no more worrying about overdosing.  They can even text message a contact if the medication was not taken.  Motion sensors for rooms, refrigerators (no one’s going hungry in this house without a text message being sent), door sensors, even chair sensors to alarm you if your loved one hasn’t moved in a specified amount of time.  You can even set up video monitoring if you want.

My biggest recommendation for everyone is to get a medical alert button.  You know the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” button.  There are just basic ones that can be programmed to call EMS, dispatch or even call a contact of your choosing.  If wearing it is an issue, then maybe mount it in the bathroom on the wall near the floor so that way if a fall happens it’s there to help.  These buttons can also be equipped with GPS and work without a landline.  So it can help in the terrifying event of being lost or maybe even help prevent a Silver Alert from being issued.

Utilize Services

Using home health and hospice can help you stay in your home longer and avoid assisted living.  They can provide therapies, nurse oversight and other duties and it’s usually covered by Medicare.  These agencies won’t be in the home 24/7 but they will come by a couple times a week for whatever the care plan calls for.  Keep in mind that these services are prescribed by a physician.

Work with a Geriatric Care Manager.  This service is usually provided by either a nurse or a social worker.  They essentially manage everything that has to do with your well being.  Whether it’s doing a home assessment (to see if the home is safe), working with your insurance agency (on your behalf) or completely managing your medical needs (going to doctor visits, coordinating & managing care, etc.) they do it all.  This service is truly a necessity if you are caring for your loved ones from a distance.

Have your home modified to work for you.  You can have shower bars, modified bathtubs, roll in showers, cabinets that don’t kill your back, ramps, timers, and a myriad of other modifications made to your home to keep you in it longer.

Reach out

If possible, let your family help.  Shopping, yard work, filling medication boxes, driving to the doctors’ offices are all great suggestions for getting them involved.

Get to know the neighbors.  They can help by checking in or letting a family member know if something is wrong.  They can also provide social interaction and maybe the occasional ride to church or the store.

Let the area churches know of the situation, especially if you or your loved one is a member.  Many churches have ministries set up to help seniors. Maybe they can have some of the youth clean the yard or do some things around the house.  Bring communion to you.  Or just have a friendly visit once a month.

Utilizing these 4 tips can help prevent some of the main reasons for moving to assisted living.  If your goal is to stay at home as long as possible and to avoid assisted living then implementing these tips is a must.

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Top 4 Ways to Avoid Assisted Living